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100 Acts of Sewing - Skirt No.1

100 Acts of Sewing - Skirt No.1

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Skirt No. 1 is a simple, knee-length bias cut skirt with an enclosed elastic waistband.

An instruction booklet walks you through the steps, from tracing and cutting the pattern pieces, to making and sewing with knit fabric. The pattern is printed on bond paper, with eight nested sizes.

Full bust measurement (your body size):

XS: 26" inches (66 cm);  S: 30" inches (76 cm);

M: 34 inches (86 cm);  L: 38 inches (96cm);

XL: 42 inches (107 cm);  2XL: 46 inches (117 cm); 

3XL: 50 inches (127 cm);  4XL: 64 inches (135 cm)

Recommended fabric:

Midweight plan weave fabric, such as linen, cotton, or natural fibre blend.

Yardage requirements:

XS: 2 1/2 yards (2.3 m); S-L: 2 1/2 yards (2.3 m); XL: 1 3/4yards (1.6 m); 2X-3X: 2.1/2yards (2.3m); 4X- 5X 21/2yards (2.3m)