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Beginner Sewing 3 - Zippers and Buttons

Beginner Sewing 3 - Zippers and Buttons

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You're comfortable with your machine, can follow a basic pattern, and now you're ready to take it to the next level. In this introduction to basic closures class, we will banish the fear of zippers and buttonholes by sewing a basic zipper pouch and a button-up glasses case. Yes, you can do it!

Level: Confident Beginner. You should have previously taken Beginner Sewing 1 and 2, or have basic sewing skills, including being comfortable threading your machine, winding a bobbin, and sewing a straight seam. Ages 16+.


One or two fat quarters of fabric (one is fine, but if you want your pouches from different fabric, you can bring two!), one button (1/2"-1" in size), and a 9" zipper (longer is fine as long as it has plastic teeth - metal zippers are more difficult to shorten)

Good quality thread

Zipper foot and buttonhole foot for your sewing machine (these are usually included with your machine)

Bring your own sewing machine, or rent one at make 1 for an added cost.

If you would like to bring your own sewing machine, please ensure it is in good working order and, if it hasn't been used in a while, has been recently serviced. Bring your sewing machine and manual (very important!). If you can't find your manual, most can be found online by searching the make and model of your machine - we recommend printing it off for your reference. Bring a basic sewing kit if you have one (scissors, seam ripper, pencil, etc.), although we do have some shared tools in the studio.