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Georgian Bay Fibre Co. - Bayfield DK - Fielding Goldenrod

Georgian Bay Fibre Co. - Bayfield DK - Fielding Goldenrod

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Bayfield Yarns

Named for Bayfield Inlet, these yarns are untreated Bluefaced Leicester (with the exception of Bayfield Sock). They retain their natural bounce and resilience and the qualities that makes wool a special fibre.

Located in Sudbury, the Fielding Bird Sanctuary is just one part of the Fielding Memorial Park.  Originally home to Fielding family farm (and name for George and Agnes, the original homesteaders), and was donated by their son Cliff Fielding in 1977.  The 40 acre park was given to the community for a park and bird sanctuary.  The Cliff, and his wife Lily, have left their mark on Sudbury, creating numerous large park areas. Cliff died in 2004, but Lily died in September 2019, at the age of 103.

Hand Wash Only

Bayfield DK | 100% untreated BFL | 115g | 252 yards