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Georgian Bay Fibre Co. - Bayfield DK - Don's Plum

Georgian Bay Fibre Co. - Bayfield DK - Don's Plum

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Bayfield Yarns

Named for Bayfield Inlet, these yarns are untreated Bluefaced Leicester (with the exception of Bayfield Sock). They retain their natural bounce and resilience and the qualities that makes wool a special fibre.

Don’s is synonymous with sweet treats in Muskoka. The bakery, located in Bala, has been delighting its community with a whole range local delights since 1947.  From butter tarts to dinner rolls, many cottage meals begin and end with goodies from Don’s. While they do shut their doors for the winter, we know this bakery dreams of sugar plum fairies all year round.

Hand Wash Only

Bayfield DK | 100% untreated BFL | 115g | 252 yards