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Georgian Bay Fibre Co. - Bayfield DK - Lacloche Vista

Georgian Bay Fibre Co. - Bayfield DK - Lacloche Vista

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Bayfield Yarns

Named for Bayfield Inlet, these yarns are untreated Bluefaced Leicester (with the exception of Bayfield Sock). They retain their natural bounce and resilience and the qualities that makes wool a special fibre.

For visitors to Killarney Park, the La Cloche Mountains and Georgian Bay make for striking views.  Whether looking up at the white quartzite mountain from the bay or down on the clear blue waters from the highlands, the views are what are sought after for visitors.  Where the white of the hills and the blue of the water mix, you get an etherial light blue that is a vision to behold.

Hand Wash Only

Bayfield DK | 100% untreated BFL | 115g | 252 yards